The Excaliber comes with 24 of the best quality canister shells on the market and bundled with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.
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" The Tubes The HDPE tubes are a single piece mold that assures optimal conditioning of the mortar for launching and unrivaled safety standards. No cardboard or fiberglass tubes can match the reliability of our mortars. Be wary of competitors claims to the contrary. Other kits may use an HDPE tube, but a tube glued or stapled to a base cannot compete with our single piece molded base. The Shells The shells included in the Excaliber Artillery Shell are the best available to the public, hands down. These high quality canisters break over 250 feet high, and over 200 feet wide. The design of these shells are patented. John's Discount Fireworks is the only vendor with access to the factory in China where these shells are made. They are unsurpassed by any other consumer shell. The Excaliber contains 24 unique shells with the following effects: Jumbo Red Dahlia Green Glittering with Crackles Red and Silver Peony Jumbo Crackling Silver Crackling Palm Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum Silver Palm with Crackling Jumbo Brocade Crown Golden Willow with Crackling Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind Jumbo Crackling Dragon Eggs Purple and Green Peony Brocade Silver to Blue Whirlwind Multi-color Peony Blue Whirlwind Multi-Color Peony Silver Wave to Red Whirlwind "


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